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Your perfect companion in any occasion!!!

Q: Are the photos on your web site really of you?
A: YES, all of them.

Q: Is it legal to be an escort lady in Slovenia?
A: Yes totally. One does not get arrested for offering or taking this kind of service.

Q: Can I see more photos of you?
A: The photo Gallery is frequently updated with most recent genuine photos . The face is disguised for reasons of discretion.

Q: What about discretion? I am married and cannot give you my phone number ?
A: I am very aware of your need for discretion and highly respect it. I do take people very seriously and would actually need a private or professional phone number for reasons of my own security and in order to be able to confirm the seriousness of the request, especially if the meeting is far away from Ljubljana. I have no reasons to abuse the trust or lose the friendship of my guests, and in fact, I myself am equally dependent on the Gentleman's discretion!!

Q: What is the advantage of using your services rather than of an agency?
A: I provide genuine warm hearted attention to my guests because I choose to meet them by my own free will and without any external pressure. With me, you also have the trustworthy guarantee that our relationship will be strictly confidential.

Q: How do you keep healthy and safe?
A: Hygiene and cleanliness are very important to me. I am only prepared to provide my full Personal Services to the clean and well-groomed Gentleman.

Q: Do you accept relations without condoms ?
A: No. I am completely healthy and am determined to stay so, I always use a condom for any intimate contact!

Q: Do you offer your services to couples and single ladies?
A: Yes sometimes, details only on serious Request.

Q: Would you be willing to travel ?
A: Basically, I travel only with or to Gentlemen whom I have already been with and found we have compatible chemistry and sympathy. Still, for reasons of my own personal security, there are certain countries where I choose not to visit.

Q: What is the Rate for Dates in Cities outside of Ljubljana?
A: For Dates located more than 50-60 km away from Ljubljana, an individual travel allowance -depending on the distance - is required in addition to my normal Rate, in order to cover the spent travel time and the expenses (such as Train, taxi fares, fuel, parking, catering, last-minute purchases, etc.). For a Date outside of Slovenia, an advance notice of at least two weeks is required, in order to settle the details. A prepaid round-trip ticket in my name should be deposited at the airport ticket office of the respective airline, at the Ljubljana International Airport, at least two days before departure or earlier. In addition to my normal Rate a travel allowance of 250 Euro is also required.

Q: Your rates and requirements are pretty high, what justifies that?
A: I am not like an average escort. I firmly believe in remaining exclusive to only few upscale Gentlemen who are accustomed to the finest qualities in life and who spare no expenses when seeking a truly memorable companionship of a fine sophisticated Lady.

Q: Would you make any discount if the meeting is without sex?
A: Absolutely not ! Gratuity is compensated by my time and companionship only. If we make love, it is for free anyways!

Q: Do you accept Credit Cards or Cheques?
A: Not as yet. I would greatly appreciate it, if the gracious Gentleman agrees to hand me my present discretely, upon my arrival, in an open envelope in order to avoid embarrassment.

Q: Can we meet for less time than the minimum requirement? If so, how much will it be?
A: Yes, we can meet at your convenience if your time is short, my minimum basic rate still applies never the less.

Q: Can we meet somewhere for coffee or a drink; I would like to see if there is a good chemistry between us ( before a business trip or a longer engagement for example.?)
A: Yes, but my basic minimum fee still applies. Of course once we met, and had some coffee or cocktails together, we could certainly take it from there.

Q: Can we become E-mail pals; I would like to get to know you better before meeting?
A: NO. I offer a detailed web site for you to get all the information needed before meeting and no time for email friendships; Therefore if you are a serious professional Gentleman you will book me and get to know me in person! Fantasy-like long Emails and those with sexually oriented details shall totally be ignored!!

Q: Could we become personal friends?
A: I consider all of my guests my friends and my expectations of all my friends are, that they understand and have the courtesy to keep business and personal affairs separate. I offer great companionship which might develop into a long term gratifying friendship. Still, our meetings always remain on a professional level by choice of keeping boundaries.

Q: Do you entertain special requests?
A: Certainly I shall consider them, but please keep in mind, that I do not reply to vulgar or unserious emails. There is a filter, and they will be deleted!

Q: What is the best way to contact you?
A: You can send me a mail or give me a call!

Q: I sent you an email but got no answer!
A: I Only answer polite serious emails which are sent through the contact form on this website.
(Could it also be that the email-address you provided were misspelled?!)

Q: Are your rates negotiable?
A: My daily rate is flexible only for long term travel (2 days or more); no exceptions!

Q: Are Tips or gifts required?
A: Not at all, but of course they are most appreciated!

Q: How far in advance should a meeting be arraged?
A: Although I am flexible, due to of my academic career engagement, I need to be able to plan my schedule as far in advance as possible.

Q: Can you arrange a hotel for me?
A: No! Sorry, but if you need a hotel tip in Ljubljana or in Europe, I can provide you with a list of my favorite luxury hotels.

Q: Can we meet shortly for a coffee or drink (before a longer trip for example to see if we are compatible)?
A: Of course! In this case, my basic minimum rate applies never the less!

Q: I still need more pictures or Infos about you.
A: Only upon serious inquiry via the email form on this website!

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